Join us in class!

We have a great prize package for one person who completes some layouts in class (random drawing at the end).

It’s not too late to join us. You have a week to get those layouts done and added for a chance to win.

*October Weekend Warrior Class- (October 10-12)
Cost- $5

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Class Sneak Peek! (and a product “heads up!”)

Class opens Wednesday…have you registered?

*October Weekend Warrior Class- (October 10-12)
Cost- $5

Classes will include:
~Access to a private forum on the message board
~SIX brand new sketches along with inspiration sample layouts plus a bonus pre-class sketch!!
~ A special crafty tutorial
~a variety of tips and ideas
~a PDF with the sketches, samples and other information after class ends.
~SBC+ templates

*Classes will open on Wednesday (with a pre-class challenge!) and begin Friday mornings by 10 am Mountain Time. Class content will be presented Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You will have until the following Sunday to complete your layouts and/or projects.
*Each class will cost only $5.

Here’s a peek at one of my layouts for this upcoming class.

I have a neat tutorial to go along with this one as well. I will be using “gel medium” and a couple things you probably already have. Do you have gel medium? It is a lot of fun! It’s not very expensive and you can find it in the acrylic or watercolor section at your local craft store. This is the one I have but there are other brands (including one by Ranger).

You can wait and see what I do with it or grab some while you are out…just wanted to give you all a fair warning. ;) I will probably be using it more than once on my layouts in class.

I am looking forward to scrapbooking with you all and completing more pages!!

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Another class is starting soon!

It’s coming up quickly…another Weekend Warrior class! :) Class will open up on October 8th. Sketches and tips will be presented Oct. 10-12. Then you will have another full week after the lessons are presented to get your layouts completed and uploaded. (You don’t have to share, but it’s more fun when you do!)

For only $5 you get seven brand new sketches, tips, inspiration and the chance to win prizes! As well as scrappy encouragement and support. Busy during the sketch class days? You can still join ad get the PDF with all of the inspiration and sketches to work on at your own pace and time. How’s that for flexible? :)

*October Weekend Warrior Class- (October 10-12)
Cost- $5

For all of you planners out there, here are the sizes I added to the sketches. Of course, feel free to adapt them any way you would like to fit your photos and style.

Wednesday, October 8th-
Pre-class sketch- Four 4×4′s or a large photo collage.

Friday, October 10th-
Sketch #1- Six 4×6′s H (Double Page Sketch) (One side could have a large collage or an 8×10 H instead)
Sketch #2- Two 4×4′s

Saturday, October 11th-
Sketch #3- Two 4×6′s V, six 3×4′s H (Double Page Sketch)
Sketch #4- Three 4×4′s

Sunday, October 12th-
Sketch #5- Seven 4×4′s (Double Page Sketch)
Sketch #6-Two 4×6′s V

Can’t wait to get some scrapping done with you all!!!

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August class starts soon (photo sizes are here!)

In just a little more than two weeks, we will be starting another Weekend Warrior Sketch Class! I am excited about this group of sketches…I think they are lots of fun! I hope you love them! Stay tuned for sneak peeks!!

*August Weekend Warrior Class- (August 8-10)
Cost- $5

Here are the class photo sizes for all of you planners out there. :D
H- horizontal photo
V- vertical photo

Wednesday, August 6-
Pre-class sketch- three 4×4′s

Friday, August 8-
Sketch #1- Five 4×4′s, one 4×6 (H) (double page sketch)
Sketch #2-Three 3×4′s (H)

Saturday, August 9-
Sketch #3- Two 3×4′s (V), three 4×6′s (V) (double page sketch)
Sketch #4- Three 4×6′s (H)

Sunday, August 10-
Sketch #5- Two 4×6′s (H), four 4×4′s (double page sketch)
Sketch #6- Five 3×3′s

**Remember, these are just guidelines! You are free to change up the sizes as needed to fit your layout and photo needs. :)

I’m looking forward to another class with you wonderfully creative and inspirational ladies!!! :yay:

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We had a fabulous class!

We had great time sharing layouts and inspiring one another in our latest Weekend Warrior Sketch Class! If you missed it, watch for another class in early August! I will be posting those dates soon.

The class members posted well over 100 layouts in this class! AWESOME!! I can’t possibly share all of the amazing pages here, but I want to share a few. Here are some member layouts (based on the sketches from class) that I loved. I hope these inspire you as they inspire me. (There are so many more I loved in class!!!! If I didn’t get to share one of your pages, I will in the future.)

By Lu-

By Deborah-

By Amy-

By Lolis-

By Sheila-

By Lisa-

By Denise-

By Desiree-

That’s a lot of inspiration, isn’t it????!!! There are so many more wonderful layouts shared in the gallery and in class!! Thank you everyone for sharing your layouts with us! I hope you can find some scrappy time and join us in the next class!

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It’s not too late to jump into class!

We’ve only gotten our feet wet in class with the pre-class warm-up. The real fun begins Friday with two sketches and some tips! We’ve got prizes and chatting, inspiration and support. Come join us and complete more scrapbook pages.

Register today to join us for scrappy inspiration and fun!
*June Weekend Warrior Class- (June 18-29)
Cost- $5

Need a peek at some of the prizes for an incentive? I grabbed tons of goodies at the Basic Grey warehouse sale to send to some of our members. All you have to do is scrap along (actually, there are some RAKS you don’t even need to complete any layouts to win!!!)

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Sneak Peek!

Class opens Wednesday! We will be sharing new sketches and samples, a few fun ideas and giving away some prizes…are you ready??

Here’s a little peek at one of the pages I will be sharing based on a new sketch. Can’t wait to share the whole page!

Register today to join us for scrappy inspiration and fun!
*June Weekend Warrior Class- (June 18-29)
Cost- $5

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June Weekend Warriors!

We are gearing up for another Weekend Warrior class!

The classroom will open Wednesday, June, 18th with a pre-class warm-up sketch. Then we will have the sketches, tips and tutorials presented Friday-Sunday. You will have another whole week to finish up your layouts for a chance to win a fun prize. :)

Here are the photo sizes on the sketches. Of course, you can use your own judgment and change the photos as needed…these are just suggestions.

Pre class sketch- two 4×4’s
Sketch #1- DPS- six 4×6’s (H) (you could use an 8×10 H collage instead of four of the 4×6’s)
Sketch #2- three 3×3’s
Sketch #3- DPS- two 4×6’s (H), four 3×4’s (V) (or, you could use an 8×10 H collage and a couple of 3×4’s)
Sketch #4- two 4×6’s (V) (or you could substitute a 5×7 H here)
Sketch #5- DPS- four 4×6’s (H), two 4×4’s
Sketch #6- two 4×4’s (a 5×7 V would work great instead)

I hope to see you in class!! Register here-
*June Weekend Warrior Class- (June 18-29)
Cost- $5

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*Simply Spring* Surprise Crop is in full swing!

We started off the week with a SURPRISE crop! Yay! Online crops are so much fun and this crop is no different!!!

We have some great challenges and some great prizes to give away too!

The gallery is already starting to fill up with crop layouts.  Here are two of my favorites so far…..

Layout for the Flowers and Frills Challenge by Guest Designer Lori:

Layout for the Mom and Me Challenge by Lu:

Today’s challenge is posted and is titled “Buttons and Butterflies”.

Here is my sample:

We hope you are enjoying the crop so far and remember it’s not too late to join in on the fun.  You will have until Sunday night to complete the challenges and be entered to win the Grand Prize!


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Looking for a little inspiration?

Something exciting is happening next week over on the Inspired to Scrap forums. Can you guess what it might be?

Here’s a little sneak peek of what you might see…..

Sneak Peek

Join us on Monday for the full reveal!


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