*2013* Weekend Warrior Sketch Classes!

Let’s become Weekend Warriors!

If you are like me, you have a hard time finding enough time to scrapbook all of the photos that matter to you. All of those memories you record end up unprinted or filed away with your scrappy supplies because LIFE takes over.

Well, I am here to tell you that you can DO IT ALL. Yes…that’s right. You can take your kids to soccer, dance, school, swim lessons, holiday activities and more. Or maybe work is getting in the way. Or travel. Or your husband. Or Facebook. 😉 Whatever your road block, Inspired to Scrap is here to help.

Previously, we have offered month long classes. That’s a BIG time commitment. I get it. It was hard for me as well. So we are making a change…hopefully for the better (if we all hate it, we can change again! I can adapt!).

We are going to be offering weekend classes…full of inspiration, new sketches, layouts, techniques and support. We may not be able to commit to a month, but a few days…THAT we can do!

Now, I know that weekends tend to be filled with activities (but aren’t the weekdays as well?) ….that is why you will have the entire week following a class to finish up loose ends. This way, we can commit for a few days, scrap like it’s going out of style (but don’t worry, it’s NOT! 😉 ) and be done with it until the next class. (But if you want more, we will always have challenges and fun for FREE on the message board!)

I hope you will join me for a weekend of scrapping and crafting. And then join me again and again throughout the year to get those albums completed in the least amount of time. Let’s do this!!! Who’s with me????!!!

Here’s the current schedule for the next few months. We are starting with every other month but I reserve the right to add in a weekend during the off months. 😉

Weekend Warrior Sketch Classes!
*February 15-17
*April 19-21
*June 7-9

Classes will include:
~Access to a private forum on the message board
~SEVEN brand new sketches along with inspiration sample layouts
~ A special crafty tutorial
~a variety of tips and ideas
~a PDF with the sketches, samples and other information after class ends.
~SBC+ templates

*Classes will open on Wednesday (with a pre-class bonus!) and begin Friday mornings by 10 am Mountain Time. Class content will be presented Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You will have until the following Sunday to complete your layouts and/or projects.

*Each class will cost only $5.

Register here or click on the classes page above.
Weekend Warrior Sketch Class- *February 15-17*
Cost- $5

Weekend Warrior Sketch Class- *April 19-21*
Cost- $5

Weekend Warrior Sketch Class- *June 7-9*
Cost- $5

NOTE- We will also be hosting a crop on the main forum in March!! Stay tuned for more about that later!

About Stacey Lokovic

I am a stay-at-home-mom to three children that I adore and a wife to a wonderfully supportive man. I am so excited to share my love of scrapbooking and documenting memories with you. Let's all be inspired together to get those pages completed!
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  1. bonnenuit says:

    Great idea & great price point! I’ll definitely be signing up.

  2. HeatherN_WA says:

    What a GREAT idea! Count me in. 🙂

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