Online Organizing Tool for Scrapbooking Ideas: Pinterest

I’m excited to be the Guest Blogger today at Inspired to Scrap! I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about ideas and inspiration since I agreed to this. It seems to me that, in my 10+ years of scrapbooking, scrappers tend to collect 3 things: photos & memorabilia, supplies (guilty!) and ideas.

Ideas may be sketch books, .pdf files from online classes (like the fab ones here at Inspired to Scrap), inspiration journals, pages torn out of magazines, or even scribbles on a piece of paper & tossed on a scrapdesk (guilty again!). If you’re like me and spend time online at multiple scrapbooking websites, at multiple scrapbooking message board forums & galleries, and visiting multiple scrapbooking blogs, then you know that the world of ideas and inspiration on the Internet grows exponentially every day. And that’s where Pinterest comes to the rescue!

So, what is Pinterest? It’s a website that allows you to “pin” the ideas and inspiration you find online onto a virtual bulletin board. No need to check each blog to find that one sketch you wanted to use, just check your sketch pinboard. No need to go through multiple galleries to find that page element you wanted to scraplift, just check your pinboard. Here’s a screen shot from my Pinterest showing a few of my scrap-related boards.

This shows my Scrapbook Sketches board, Traditional Scrapbooking Ideas board, and Digital Ideas board. I also have boards for card sketches & ideas and color palettes.

If you open up a board, you find all the individual “pins” that you have linked there. Here’s another screen shot showing a few of the pins from my sketch board.

I recently made my own sketch template that I used as the basis for the Speed Scrap held recently during the May crop here at Inspired to Scrap. I liked it so much that I want to be reminded to use it more often so I pinned it from my Photobucket photos onto my sketch board.

Then, because the whole point of collecting these ideas is to use them, I put together a new page using my template. This is a digital page made with Creative Memories StoryBook Creator software and the Vintage Luau digital kit from the design studio ViVa Artistry.

Whether I’m paper scrapping or digital scrapping, I find Pinterest to be an essential part of my idea organization repertoire. If you think you’d like to give it a try (it’s FREE!), you can request an invitation at the Pinterest website or contact a friend who has a Pinterest account and ask them to send you an invitation. Hint: a friend invitation is the quicker route to follow.

A word of caution: Don’t get sucked into spending all your time pinning. The idea is to use your pins to help you get more scrapping done!

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3 Responses to Online Organizing Tool for Scrapbooking Ideas: Pinterest

  1. Lulo says:

    Awesome! Great info!

  2. Joyce says:

    I love Pinterest! Great ideas here Judy!

  3. HeatherN_WA says:

    Great post. I love using Pinterest for storing ideas and inspiration. Your word of caution is the best part…it can really be a time sucker. 🙂

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