Custom Embellishments

I thought it would be fun to do something a little different for today’s post. I decided to play around with some shrink film (like Shrinky Dinks or Ranger’s Shrink Plastic). You can run this stuff through your die cut machine, use your punches or hand cut shapes out of it. You can color them with alcohol inks, colored pencil, or stamp on them with Staz-On prior to shrinking. (Note: Don’t put alcohol inks on top of a stamped image-it will cause the stamped image to dissipate.)

The Shrinky Dinks plastic has great directions for using your oven, although I found it easier to use my heat (embossing) gun. I liked the control that it gave me. The first thing you must know is that your item will shrink (more than I thought it would). Here is the bird I cut out and colored with alcohol inks inside the cut out area of the size it used to be before shrinking.

Some things I learned about shrink film when l was playing with it: When it heats up the shrink film will curl as it’s shrinking and then uncurl and start to flatten out. You can gently pry the areas apart when it’s hot if they happen to stick together when they curl up.

Use something to hold it in one place (not your finger!) or it will blow all over when you’re using your heat gun on it. After shrinking if it’s not completely flat you can put a stamp block on it to smooth it. Be sure you’re using a non-stick sheet or it will stick when it’s hot to your work surface.

To make my card, I stamped an image onto the shrink film, using Staz-On ink. I cut around the image and used my heat gun to shrink the image. I stamped the envelope so that you can see the size of the stamp compared to the size of the completed embellishment.

Shrink film can be a great way to create customize embellishments. I used the clear Shrinky Dinks sheets. I paid $5.99 for them and used my 40% off coupon, making my cost $3.60. You get several sheets to play with, making this a very inexpensive way to create custom embellishments for your projects. Most of all…it’s fun to play with!

Hope you’ll play along and make something for your next project out of shrink film!

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3 Responses to Custom Embellishments

  1. Fabulous card! I havent used the shrinky dink paper in a couple of years…time to pull it out! Fun! 🙂 Thanks for sharing and posting, Von!

  2. julias says:

    What a great idea Von. I have some of this paper somewhere, will have to hunt it out!

  3. Joyce says:

    I love this idea Von! Your card is so pretty. Must try this for sure!

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