Wild Card Wednesday- Hidden Journaling

Thank you, Stacey, for allowing me to be a guest blogger on this Wild Card Wednesday.

Have you ever created a layout and wanted to hide your journaling on the page?  There are several reason you might want to do this:
1. Not enough space on your page.
2. The story is private.
3. You hate your handwriting.
4. Hiding your journaling can be an opportunity to add a decorative touch to your page.

To get started you can use any of these that you prefer:

But you really only need these:

Your journaling box can be any shape or size, just remember to keep your journaling box smaller than the item you are hiding it under, allowing for whatever adhesive you are using.  You can even hide it in an envelope.

Step 1: Punch out your tab and add adhesive to the back.  (I like to run in through my Xyron, but any adhesive will do)

Decide which direction you want your tab to go.  If you have side loading pages, you will want your tab on the side, top loading pages on the top, etc.

Step 2: Adhere your tab to your box, then fold in half and adhere it to the back.

Step 3: Add adhesive to 3 sides of your photo mat, making sure to leave an opening for your box to slide in and out.

Backside views:

Step 4: Adhere your photo (mat) to your page and slide in your journaling box.

If you head on over to my personal blog click here today, I will be showing a video on how to create these hidden journaling boxes as well a few other ideas and this page below.  Hope I’ve inspired you to add a little secret message on your next layout.

Creative Blessings,
Heather North

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3 Responses to Wild Card Wednesday- Hidden Journaling

  1. Lulo says:

    Yay Heather! Off to watch the video…

  2. Fun! I need to do this again soon! I love that tag punch, too! Off to see the video!

  3. Joyce says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve done this. I’ll have to try this again. Great video Heather!

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