Motivational Monday! ~ May 9 ~

Good Monday Morning to everyone! I hope you’re having a scrap-happy day!! I’m so excited to be making my first post here at I2S!  I hope everyone had a fantabulous Mom’s Day and that you were able to scrap on NSD (Saturday the 6th). 

Today’s challenge is easy peasy.  Take a look at this layout:

The background layer is a recycled kit box.  I cut it up (instead of tossing it) and used it for the background of my layout.  To get to the corrugated part you have to peel the layer of paper covering the corrugated inner layer. (Note: It’s unlawful to use an unused USPS Priority box for this but you can recycle a used one without concern.) 🙂

I challenge you to create a layout (any size is fine-mine is 12×6) on corrugated cardboard (using any type of cardboard…as long as it has the corrugated core that you can expose). I put paint on mine…you can use paint or ink or nothing at all on top of it.

Have a wonderful Monday! I’ll see you on the message board!

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4 Responses to Motivational Monday! ~ May 9 ~

  1. ScrapMomOf2 says:

    FUN challenge!! I love cardboard!! I used most of my priority boxes that I get in the mail as vertical paper holders! I cut them down, and stick them on my shelves!! Your layout is adorable!!

  2. angie gutshall says:

    I love this idea! Your layout is so pretty!

  3. admin says:

    What a cool idea!

  4. Jean says:

    Love this! Hope to work on it after work.

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