A quick technique

I just love any technique that’s quick and easy and that’s exactly what this technique is!! I was using a piece of cardstock as my base piece for a layout and I wanted to add a little color and interest. I first tried a little mist sprayed from the bottle, but it just didn’t give the right effect I wanted, so I turned the piece of cardstock over and thought about painting on it – but I HATE waiting for the paint to dry! I looked around my paint tools and I saw a piece of bubble wrap that I had used on a previous layout and wondered how it would work if I used my Maya mist on it to stamp? Well, let me tell you it worked like a charm and was dry instantly!! And no mess at all either!! Here’s what I did:

Sprayed some tangerine mist on the bubble wrap

Then I simply turned it over and stamped it right in the middle of my paper!

And here’s the layout that I made using the stamped cardstock!

That’s our pumpkin that we carved this year :)! Have fun crafting!!

**And don’t forget about our November challenges!! We have several challenges posted right now and Stacey has some awesome prizes for the winner!! A couple examples of the challenges are altering something and using some leftovers that you have!! Upload your layouts into the gallery and post them in the message board and your name will be put into the drawing to win!! Good luck!!


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6 Responses to A quick technique

  1. ScrapMomOf2 says:

    Very fun! I’ve totally used bubblewrap as a big stamp before! It’s a cool technique! That pumpkin is HYSTERICAL!

  2. daiva says:

    This is a great technique and I absolutely love that layout and pumpkin!!

  3. admin says:

    Very fun! I need to remember to do this again soon. Love your pumpkin and layout!

  4. Diana Fisher says:

    Haven’t used that technique in a long time. Time to break out the bubble wrap!

  5. Lori S says:

    This is such a great idea! I haven’t ever used mist on bubble wrap and now I can’t wait to try it! Love the layout.

  6. jennaroo says:

    This is neat too, I have tons of bubble wrap!!

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